About Us

Welcome to SlideIndustriesClothing.com

Slide Industries Clothing is a racing inspired street clothing brand originated from my personal love of motorsports, and in particular Speedway.

There's such a thrill in motorsports, the sound, the smell, the action. It just gets your heart racing. And now you can show off that love with our clothing range.

I personally love the sound and smell of burning tyres you get when getting a motor vehicle sideways. Imagine the intense and thrilling feeling of being in control, yet on the boundary of being out of control when racing, when you're pushing everything to the limit.

We're bringing something new to the clothing industry, and in particular the Motorsport industry with our fresh range of street clothing.

So if you're a petrol head, love motorsports, love getting sideways, or just generally like our brand, then why not 'get your slide on' now by taking a look at our web shop.

I hope you enjoy the web shop and our fresh range. Keep popping back as we update our range and add fresh new products.

Shawn Smith